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Visitor Protocol
Visitors are welcome to pursue traditional activities that are in keeping with the wilderness character of the area. Please book guided non-motorized access to the backcountry with Xeni Gwet’in Visitor Centre in Nemiah Valley – check our website for more info.
Please tread lightly and do not wander off road, across residential property or disturb old homesteads and equipment. Please respect the privacy of our communities.
Ancient ruins, artifacts, historic remains and fossils are fragile and irreplaceable, please tread lightly. Artifacts should not be disturbed or removed as they belong to the Tsilhqot’in and must be left in their place.
Ceremonies are sacred events: please dress and act respectfully. Applause is typically not appropriate as these are religious ceremonies not performances. If in doubt, follow the lead of other community members.
Mechanized and off-road vehicles are restricted to designated roads only – prior to visiting please consult with Xeni Gwet’in and check the website for updated information. Please do not cut trails or clear roads and leave gates as you find them.
Use local guides and established routes for backcountry hiking and backpacking.
Please contact us for guides or join one of the several lodges in the area who have signed a Protocol with us to protect the land for everyone to enjoy while building a sustainable future together.
Tsilhqot’in People of Xeni (2010)