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At the north end of Chilko Lake the water flows into Chilko River and winds it’s way to the Fraser River eventually spilling into the Pacific Ocean. At eighty kilometres long, 366 metres deep and 1,172 metres above seal level, BC Parks bills it as the “largest and highest fresh water lake in North America”. Chilko Lake is internationally recognized for its clear and ever-changing blue hues as well as how this beauty can be transformed into one of BC’s most treacherous inland water bodies when the wind suddenly whips up – locals see this as an advantage to preserve the pristine beauty. Guided fishing, trailriding and hunting trips have been available for over 70 years and the river is classified waters with a catch and release only policy for large Rainbow and Bull Trout. Only an hours flight from Vancouver the local airport makes it easy to get here – locally guided trips make it a pleasure to visit.




Nestled between Taseko and Chilko lakes in the heart of Xeni (pronounced Honey) lies the beautiful Yohetta Valley.  It’s 50 miles to the nearest road so you’d better pack horse or fly in.  Vast panoramas of untouched wilderness and some of the worlds most beautiful mountain scenery and alpine wildlife make this unique valley a breathtaking experience.  Come and feel the air. Its crisp and fresh up here.  It will make you feel alive!

Nemiah Valley



Nemiah Valley is home to members of the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation, ranchers, residents and a number of wilderness lodges scattered throughout the area. The valley stretches out and is bordered by the Chilcotin Ranges of the Coast Mountains. An hour’s flight from Vancouver or 3 hour drive southwest of Williams Lake community members have been more concerned about protecting their land and lifestyle than capitalizing on development. This provides visitors the opportunity for a rich experience on land that is virtually “just as it was created”.

By managing the people visiting the land, the community has preserved the lifestyle that for many places has become a “thing of the past”.

Welcome to a spectacular setting where you can experience days gone by, the silence broken by waves lapping on the shore and the screech of eagles overhead while a variety of wilderness experiences await you.




Tsuniah Valley has the beautiful Tsuniah lake. Best know for its incredible fishing and fly-in only lodging at Tsuniah Lake Lodge.




The Taseko valley encompasses both "upper" and "lower" Taseko lakes.  The name refers to both lakes as one lake, which was also originally the case with the English usage until official designation of the separate lakes in 1954. The lakes are separated by the short Taseko Narrows, the name of which in T'stil?otin is nanats'akash, and is an important crossing place for deer.