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How to Get Here

Only a one hour charter flight from Vancouver, British Columbia to one of several private airstrips, the traditional Tsilhqot'in territory of the Xeni People offers exceptional wildlife viewing. With five pristine valleys that have never been logged or mined, North America's largest high alpine lake, Chilko Lake and endless ridgelines and mountain peaks, this region offers travelers unprecedented opportunities to see wildlife.

The best way to access this wilderness, is to book a stay with one of several family run lodges that have signed a Sustainable Tourism Protocol with the Xeni Gwet'in people in support of continued environmental protection and development of sustainable tourism. These lodges offer all-inclusive packages featuring alpine hiking, multi-day horse pack trips, kayaking, canoeing and fishing, all of which provide unparalleled opportunities to see native flora and fauna. Expert trackers, the Xeni people are often employed as guides and know the best habitat as well as the legends and lore of this magnificent land.



The Xeni (pronounced "honey") caretaker area.

Our culture and beliefs are kept alive as our elders and leaders pass on skills, stories and practices. We teach and learn by doing traditional activities including: hunting, trapping, fishing, food and traditional medicine gathering and preparation, arts, leatherwork, embroidery, baskets and carvings.  In these ways our traditions, our environment and the ecology of our territory are sustained.

Xeni Map