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Fishing Tours

Your visit to the Xeni Gwet’in Caretaker Area offers a rare glimpse into a land where people have trod lightly, in harmony with nature and in keeping with Xeni tradition.  This is a land where you will be both humbled and inspired by massive mountain ranges, high alpine lakes and mighty carnivores; where a sense of freedom reigns and you meet each day with excitement and wonder.

This is the land of the salmon harvest. Every year the Xeni people gather with family and neighbours at their traditional salmon fishing sites, catching, preparing and smoking salmon for the winter ahead.  As caretakers of this land for more than 10,000 years, the Xeni people offer fun, adventure and learning experiences for people of all ages.  

Cultural Immersion Fishing Tour
7 nights for 2 (min) - 4 (max) people

Spend a week immersing yourself in the culture and practices that are still used today to prepare their food for winter.  Camp with them beside one of the largest salmon producing rivers in Canada as they catch their winter salmon and prepare them in the traditional way.

This is an opportunity for you to experience an authentic cultural immersion into the Xeni Gwet’in way of life.  Included with your warm and hospitable tent accommodations are three meals a day and a first hand opportunity to learn about the Xeni Gwet’in history, traditional ways, stories and legends around the campfire.  A rodeo or a mountain race may be on the schedule during your visit or you could be invited to catch a glimpse of the wild horses or watch the Grizzly bears feeding along the river.  When the fishing slows down you could take a walk through endless meadows or ride a horse past the beautiful mountains that frame the valley. The possibilities are endless.